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Jeremy "JR" Hairston is a Baltimore, MD based guitarist, virtual instructor, gear enthusiast, performer, and session player. The man behind the strings is a quiet and humble presence, but a young sage and a force, no less.  Since the age of 17, Jeremy has devoted diligent practice to his craft--playing, gigging, recording and writing across jazz, blues, rock, R&B, and Christian/Gospel music genres. He's a band member and lead guitarist with Lorde Ana, Mercy Band and at Messiah Community Church. Jeremy is a proud graduate of Howard University, where he earned his B.S. in Psychology. Let his strings mesmerize you when you check out his YouTube channel or listen to several recorded projects that feature his playing. You'll hear how his guitar licks are just as therapeutic as they are tasty.


Featuring JR Hairston on Guitar

Treat your ears to chill vibes, rock vibes, and soul surgery.


Service List

JR Hairston offers unparalleled excellence in his preparation, proficiency and performance. Whether you're interested in learning guitar (playing, accessories, equipment, etc.), itching to talk shop with a fellow artist, or looking to hire a professional guitarist, learn more about how Jeremy can help you.


Studio Sessions

As an experienced and well-rounded guitarist, JR Hairston offers you professionalism, proficiency and tasteful musicality for your music recordings. Get a taste of Jeremy's sound, and feel free to get in touch to book or learn more.


JR collaborates with other musicians and  performs solo for intimate to large events. Perhaps you're looking for a top musician to play a gig with your band/ensemble, play as your accompaniment for a performance, or play a solo set for your party guests to enjoy. Jeremy is a pleasure to work with and excellent at his craft.

Mercy Band Event

Comments & Reviews

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Jordan Botial

"Your playing is simple and complex, smooth and gnarly all at the same time. Glad to find your video."

Michael Stone

“…Nice mellow lovely playing. Brings joy to my ears.”

Jake Panosh

“Nice to listen to this during stressful times thanks man”

David Gordon

“Your playing feeds my soul in a deep way.  I am in awe of your talent and your heart, your skill and sensitivity., your choice of melody over flash.  It is a beautiful thing to be middle-aged and still be able to have a guitar hero.  You are my guitar hero.  Kudos....and cheers from Los Angeles.”



Are you looking for a professional guitarist for your event, recording session, or ensemble? Want to learn guitar, refine your playing skills, or talk gear? Message Jeremy now to learn more about his musical styles, repertoire, rates and availability.

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