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Guitar Lessons

Are you committed to learning guitar and looking for an instructor to empower you in your journey? You'll receive personalized, one-on-one guidance, encouraging feedback, knowledgeable insights about your instrument(s) and gear, and an increased confidence in your artistry--there's no better value added. Reach out to JR to inquire about investing in your craft and scheduling your virtual lessons.

Lessons: Lessons


Let's talk guitars, pedals, pickups and more...

I'm A Beginner

Nice! JR works with new and intermediate level players on: 

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Electric Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

Hope you're eager to learn! JR can't wait to get you started on loving your instrument well and playing with confidence.


Investing In Your Craft

Jeremy's passion for his craft is infections. Lessons will help you hone your musicality and precision, but also develop your knowledge about your guitar and the greats who've inspired the masses by mastering theirs. Prices begin at $25 per half hour and lessons are typically conducted via video call.

"JR Hairston is extremely knowledgeable of the guitar/music theory and is a great example as a player. Being able to watch him play at varying levels, as well as him being able to relate/communicate to different skill levels was a highlight experience during our lessons."

Student Testimonial

Nenwon G.

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